Sunday, October 17, 2010

Drain Free and Ready to Drive!!

The drains are out!!  I love freedom!!!  It's so nice to move around without having to make sure you don't get hung up on something because of tubes hanging from your body.  Not to mention the ease of going to the bathroom or changing clothes without having to juggle slow moving body parts with limited range of motion AND dangling tubes. 

The title is somewhat of an overstatement on the driving part.  I did drive Saturday morning, which will probably do it for a while.  There was a lot of discomfort during and after.  Plus, I'm really trying to keep the movement down.  Excessive movement produces fluid, and without the drains, this could cause more discomfort and the need to go back to have the fluid drained.  Who wants that?  NOT ME!

I am walking regularly and building up my stamina. If my progress continues, I think I will be on the shorter end of the predicted recovery time instead of the longer side.  I also have to remember, this is a process that takes months from start to finish. I try to stay focused on today and making sure it goes well before thinking about tomorrow's progress.

With that said, I should probably say WE (including many of you) will be on the shorter end of the predicted recovery time.  I cannot imagine going through something like this without the support, encouragement and ALL of the tangible things that so many of you are doing for our family to make such a crazy situation seem not to out of the ordinary especially for the kids.  They haven't missed soccer practice, play dates or anything AND they have eaten healthy and regularly throughout this whole ordeal.  It a world where, everyone is sooo busy and doesn't have time for any extras in their schedule, the time you have taken to help us through this has been priceless. You are truly a blessing to us.


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  1. Tony & Sherry HainesOctober 20, 2010 at 6:43 PM


    Great to hear your progress is going so well. I keep having a visual of the kids, Shalene, and of course your mom hanging on to your legs to make you GO SLOW!! LOL I say don't worry about those hairy underarms girl good greif winter is coming!! While I have never experienced a recovery like your going through I am there with you in spirit. I also know how testing yourself on how much more you can accomplish each day is the only way people like us know how to do it. :-)) Thus somedays we are "I tried to tell you!!" And other days "I'am constantly amazed at your determination."