Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guaranteed Recovery

I am continuing to recover, slooooooooowly, but steadily.  I called the Dr.'s office earlier this week to get a "refresher" on what I can do and cannot do.  I'm feeling better and have more energy and stamina, so "resting" is becoming more challenging.  My "can do" list is always a little more limiting than I remembered. 

Our other exiting news is that Elliot broke his arm this weekend.  It was his right arm...and my extra right arm.  He's been so helpful during all of this to lift or open things for me.  That was a set back for both of us!!  He is doing better and will get his "real" cast on Friday, which will provide him a little more comfort and mobility.

My mom has been here during the weeks since my surgery, next week, she is going to stay home.  She is going to call and check in, but we think I can make it on my own.  Yea!!

Today I had my first "fill" with the expander.  It wasn't bad at all.  I dreaded it a little more than I realized, I think.  In the end, it took longer to park the car than to complete the procedure.  I think some of the anxiety came from being on the heels of finishing up several chapters of Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book.  It has a tremendous amount of information in it about breast cancer, treatment and all that comes with your "cancer package" whether you ordered it or not.  It was a bit overwhelming.  Basically, there are no guarantees.  Not a surprise, but scary and disappointing if you're in a position to want a little bit of certainty back in your life.  

     "I may not have control over what happens in my life, but I do have control over my attitude."  Laura's quote of the day.  Just put on a little lipstick

I have met many people who have much greater challenges to resume a life free of Dr. appointments, if its possible at all.  I realize I have many things to be grateful for in all of this; early diagnosis, treatment (or lack thereof), the prognosis, my friends, family, neighbors and medical community that have made a sudden and traumatic event pass with the swiftness and ease I could not have imagined 6 weeks ago.  That has been my focus from the beginning and will continue to be what sustains me.


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