Friday, October 29, 2010

Purpose Driven Day

I haven't read Purpose Driven Life, but today, I did use the title as a catalyst for my day.  I tried to spend most of my energy focusing on Luci, our 4 year old.  She has had the toughest few weeks.  It's hard being 4, almost 5, on a good day.  Throw in a parent incapacitated by major surgery and a brother/best friend/playmate with a broken arm and it really gets challenging.  She crawled in bed with me yesterday and said, "my brother is hurt", "he can't play kings and princesses", "he CAN'T even wrestle or snuggle with me".  Then, she buried her face in my neck/shoulder.

She's been giving my mom a tremendous amount of grief since she's been here helping out.  She tells my mom almost daily, with words or her tone, to leave.  After weeks of reprimand, timeout and talking we finally realized it was more about what my mom represented... a broken parent and lack of normalcy.  Someone is always doing my job because I haven't been able to do it.

So today, just Luci and I, went to Target to get a movie and snacks for family movie night.  She picked everything-movie, snacks and fire logs for a fire.  We rolled the windows down, turned the music up and sang as loud as we could...she picked ALL the songs. (and she's got good taste in music!)  I gave her lots of hugs, randomly all day.  We ate lunch at Target's snack bar and visited some wonderful friends/colleagues at my previous work.  

Everyone was all dressed up for Halloween which made it a great treat for her.  She had her picture made with Snow White and saw Jessie the Cowgirl from Toy Story.  She also got a real kick out of PacWoman-for some reason she laughed about it a lot after we left.

So, overall, it was a very boring, regular day--just like old times.  

She didn't complain once.



  1. Denise,
    I think you found your next calling. Writing. Your writing is beautiful. I'm at work in tears.

  2. Denise,
    I didn't get to finish. I'm so sorry to hear that Elliot broke his arm. And poor, sweet Luci. I hope your mom remembers not to take it personally. Out of all the nastiness of this disease, it's great to see the beauty and kindness of family, friends, caregivers and strangers.


  3. I'm glad you and Luci stopped by to see all of us. We miss seeing your face!
    I hope movie night went well and that Elliot heals quickly. I know Luci is happy you are on the road to recovery, and that she can hug you again without worrying she will hurt you.