Thursday, October 28, 2010

Top Ten Ways to Make Mastectomy Recovery Fun...

10.  Narcotics!
9.    Good food/new recipes.
8.    Good food/old recipes. 
7.   Spending more time with my mom in the last four weeks than I have in years.
6.   Appreciating the kindness of strangers in this crazy busy time.  (Opening the door for               someone who "looks normal" can really be a big deal and you don't even know it!)
5.   Getting to know new friends.
4.   Hearing from old friends and talking about the "good ole days".
3.   Riding on the city streets with my mom who doesn't like to drive in the city.
2.   Riding in the bike lane with my mom on the way to the doctor's office. (Not on a bike, but         with only two wheels in the lane, so technically, we are legal.)  :)
1.   Realizing the blessings that I've had all along, but didn't have time to see.

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